I feel oh so very fat.

I purposely logged out of this account with the hopes that I would forget the password….

I remembered.

Being at home [away from college on break] is a trigger like no other.

Time to get skinny again.

shes-nothing-short-of-lovely said: www(.)skinnytaste(.)com found this website super good recipes C:

Agreed! Everyone check it out!

Hi. I need good breakup songs asap.

I’m not even breaking up, I’ve been single. I’ve just been that other girl to a guy in a relationship but as much as it sucks I have to end it because it’s the right thing to do. He’s my other half, there is no question. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to move on ever. Please help, break up songs?

jillian-descoteaux answered: keep up with the exercise. having more muscle will raise your metabolism - which “burns fat”. keep up with the healthy diet and exercise !

Hopefully! I just hope it’s one of those things where it gets worse before it gets better, because I’ve added muscle which makes me feel bigger but eventually it will burn more fat and I’ll lose the fat from my legs!

frolicking-vegan answered: Are you mixing up your routine? Running is good but you should also be doing other things as well and how far are you running?l

I mix up the intervals I run at, but generally I run for 30 minutes and I’ve been slowly increasing how far I go in that time, my last distance was 3.05 miles. I also walked 3 miles earlier that day. 

What other exercises should I be doing to make my thighs slimmer??

I need advice!

So I have been running almost everyday for the past 20 days, and eating cleaner than I ever have before.

At first, my legs got a bit more toned, so they looked smaller. Now, I feel even fatter than before. It’s like I added muscle to the fat I already had, so my legs are even thicker!

What should I do? I’m at a loss right now and I need major advice! Will I eventually lose the fat?

Sooo this really awkward guy who likes me is staying on my couch tomorrow night…



If he even tries anything I’m going to tell him flat out that I don’t like him because I’ve been dropping hints and he doesn’t seem to get it… so much for trying to be nice.



Ran 3.05 miles in 30 minutes today, which burned 353 calories!

Check out my running log to see my improvement on a daily basis! []

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

I would pick almonds, pesto, and dark chocolate. So random but I can’t get enough of all three of them. Bad bad bad.

Andddd I just binged.

fuck fuck fuck

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I’m a whale.

I literally feel obese in everything I wear and everything I do I’m aware of all this gross fat on me.

In other news, I ran 3.01 miles today in 30 minutes, burning 348 calories.

July 18th Run

So I go to the gym late and it was closing in 25 minutes so I only got a 20 minute run in before they kicked me out.

I ran 2.05 miles in 20 minutes, and burned 237 calories!

I like when guys at the gym are trying to show their abs off so they wipe the sweat off their face with their shirt

…that is all.

If you are looking for that sign telling you NOT to eat a late night snack right now, this is it. You’re welcome. REBLOG.

That awkward moment when I was about to get a snack and then my own post from the other night came up on my timeline reminding me I don’t need a snack.

Thank you past self, from current self :)

Future self: You guys make a good team.

I’m weird.

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